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A woman was killed and several others injured after a bus, BHH 6901 and a car, PPP 733 collided at Lima, Essequibo Coast at around 12:00hrs yesterday.The woman, P. Kumarie of Somerset was in the minibus with her husband, Krishna Persaud, 34, and their three children, Geeta Persaud, six, Satash Rajkumar, 10, and Narindra Persaud, seven,Cheap Jerseys From China, when the accident occurred. She reportedly died on the spot.Fifteen persons were reportedly in the minibus, while two persons were in the car. This publication was told that all the injured are hospitalized.The minibus was on its way to Anna Regina, while the car was heading in the opposite direction.One of the victimsAccording to reports, the vehicles collided after the car veered into the lane of the minibus. Those in the minibus fared the worst, as Kumarie reportedly died on the spot, while the bus driver, Vincent Singh and two other passengers were seriously injured.A two-year-old child was also in the minibus with her parents, Allan Gildharie and Claire Daniels. Another relative,China Jerseys Cheap, Alex Gildharie,Nick Hagglund Jersey, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Suddie Hospital.Junior Ramroop, the driver of the car and a female were returning from Charity when the accident occurred. Ramroop sustained severe injuries to his face, legs and body. He underwent emergency surgery at the Suddie Hospital.Two ambulances transferred seven of the most critical to the GPHC.Geeta and Narindra Persaud,Kenny Golladay Womens Jersey, Satash Rajkumar, the two-year-old child with her parents, Daniels and Allan Gildharie along with Vincent Singh are those transferred to the city.The seven-year-old sustained a broken left leg, a broken right arm and bruises on his skin while Geeta Persaud sustained a broken right leg.Their father, Krishna Persaud,Cordrea Tankersley Youth Jersey, who is still in shock after losing his wife, told Kaieteur News that he was in the front seat of the bus when a car slammed into the driver’s side of the bus.“After that I don’t know what really happen but I remember coming out of the bus and helping to take my family out.”He recalled pulling his wife’s lifeless body out of the vehicle. “When I pull she out she was unconscious and was not responding.”His three children, all of whom sustained broken limbs, were admitted at GPHC.Melva, a relative of Allan Gildharie,Gerard Pique Jersey, said that he and his wife, along with their baby, were heading to the Suddie Hospital to visit Allan’s father, who is a patient there.“They were going to the Suddie Hospital to see Allan father, so they catch the bus, and they were going to stop out at Anna Regina and take another vehicle but the accident happen before they reach Anna Regina.”Kaieteur News understands that more patients from the Suddie Hospital would be transferred to GPHC as soon as they are stabilized.


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