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Residents of lower East Coast Demerara were treated to a movie style high speed chase which ended with the capture of a hijacker because the car he and his accomplice had hijacked careened into a trench along the Lusignan Golf Road.The young hijacker, Vernon Benn, from Sophia went all the way to Coldingen, East Coast Demerara to hijack the Toyota Premio motorcar.The captured hijacker gave his name as Vernon BennBenn, who also works as a porter at the Georgetown Public Hospital was spared a sound trashing thanks to the prompt arrival of the members of the Lusignan Central Community Policing Group.Benn and his accomplice had hijacked the car from its driver, Latchman Rattan, called ‘Naresh’ in Dazzell Housing Scheme, Paradise, around 14:00 hours after they pretended to be legitimate passengers.Speaking with this newspaper,Omar Infante Tigers Jersey, Rattan said that he picked up the two men at ‘Coldingen Turn’ and they requested to be taken to the Dazzell Housing Scheme.Rattan, who has been operating his taxi at the Coldingen location for several years, said that he did not have the slightest idea that the men were crooks since they claimed that they were going to pick up a female.He said that after he reached the location,Heath Miller Steelers Jersey, he was instructed to turn around and await the arrival of the female.Seconds after he stopped his car, one of the men wrapped a rope around his neck from behind and tried to pull him into the back seat. He said that he did not see the men with any weapon.“Dem pull de cord tight and me jump over and dem,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, man seh, ‘Don’t move stupid’. Dem man drive and den they put me out,” Rattan told this newspaper.The men took his cellular phone and his money.He said that he managed to flag down another taxi and thinking quickly he borrowed a cellular phone to contact his father.This move paid handsome dividends as rattan’s father,Dallas Keuchel Jersey, along with a friend went into action immediately and they were able to track down his stolen car on the Non Pareil Railway Embankment.Rattan’s brother, Terry, who was in another car recalled seeing the car on the embankment with his father’s car behind. He said that at first he was unaware of what had taken place.It was not until he passed the car that he realized that it was not his brother inside.He turned back his AT 170 Carina and pursued.The hijackers were heading west along  the Railway Embankment when they came upon a bus that had broken down in the middle of the road at Lusignan, forcing them to turn north at Lusignan as they sought to make their way to the main East Coast Demerara highway.The high speed chase ended hereHowever,Miiko Albornoz Chile Jersey, another vehicle was in their path and in their effort to overtake it, the car was clipped causing the driver to lose control, sending the vehicle into the trench.When the car crashed into the trench it was turned on its top. However the two hijackers managed to hurriedly make their way out of it and ran in different directions.According to an eyewitness, one of the men used an empty lot and headed back to the Railway Embankment while Benn ran into the arms of some waiting residents.“He like he get stupid, he didn’t know whey fuh go,” one of the residents told this newspaper.“When dem come out de car, I holler ‘tief,Nacer Chadli Jersey UK, tief’ and dem man block he off. De one wha go straight, we catch he. He say he nah know de driver, how de man stop and pick he up fuh give he a drop,” a relative of the hijacked victim said.A policeman who was driving a squad car said that he saw the hijacked car and became suspicious, but as he was contemplating pursuing it, he had to proceed with caution because a child had run into his path.He said that by the time he could move again, the car had vanished.


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