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Economic advancement remains the focus for the women living in the small but cohesive village of Moblissa, located on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway, and some 10 minutes away from the mining town of Linden.This was emphasised when Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs,Jordan Willis Youth Jersey, Sydney Allicock,David Njoku Youth Jersey, and team visited the village last weekend and donated sewing equipment, including a singer sewing machine and fabric.Carmelita Rutherford described the donation as enormous since the women there will now be better able to put their sewing skills into practice thus putting money in their pockets.Rutherford explained that every effort is being made to ensure the sewing group becomes an economically viable establishment since taking into consideration the group’s ability to overcome challenges.She explained that a bale of cloth which was donated a few years ago had brought with it the hope of expanding, since out of that bale of cloth the women were able to produce and market tablecloths, hand towels and pillow cases among other handiwork.However, she explained that when they were out of sewing material they were almost back to where they began.An adamant yet unfazed Rutherford reminded that fortitude overcomes all challenges including the fact that they have to take on dual roles owing to the absence of the men folk from the village. The men are seeking employment opportunities elsewhere.She said, “The contribution that we receive is a big help because in Moblissa we don’t really have people with jobs. So if we can sew school shirts for the children and give them at a lower price than Linden it will be a real relief to the parents.”Rutherford further explained that plans are also in train to assist the elderly,Jeffrey Bruma Jersey, since “some of them are blind; they can’t move around so we talked among ourselves in the group that once we get these things sold we can give them a hamper to just make their holidays a little more nice.”Coleen Williams, another group member, believes the donation will result in progress since “we get we own material, we own machine,Robert Woods College Jersey, we own thread so we don’t have to go out to Linden and buy these things. We will try and make (school) uniforms for our children and so on.”Annie Dey, a seamstress for some time, now believes working together will yield positive results for the group and by extension the village economy.“We will go there and search for market and see if we get our produce sell. We will continue investing and investing,” Dey assured.Vice President Sydney Allicock made good on a promise to the thriving Women’s Group there after they had highlighted some challenges faced in acquiring materials and other much needed equipment.The Minister commended members of the group who assembled at the Moblissa Health Centre to receive items for the group for their passion demonstrated and added that this passion is very encouraging to his Ministry.The Minister also reminded that the current Government is working assiduously to ensure there is economic development within communities. It is trying to enable the women folk.“We have a desire for economic drive within communities and also for the importance of women in development and women in leadership roles. We have decided to start to give support to you the women here in this community. I’m happy to say that we have been able to meet some of the requests you have made; we have been able to provide more than eighty percent of that request for the women’s group. We have a sewing machine for you, cloth, thread,Wholesale Jerseys, needles, scissors among others,” the Minister said.“I would like to hand this over to you as a beginning to your greater dreams and I am happy that you can come here which means that you are really serious and that’s what we are looking for. We are looking to allow you to become highly professional in what you do. Since you have shown the interest, the Ministry and the Government would support,” said the Indigenous Affairs Minister.Stressing the need to ensure there is accountability; Minister Allicock said “it is the delivery of service to your community to your people and the upliftment of your skills individually. This is not only for this community but for all of the communities across Guyana.”Speaking on the recent revelations in the Auditor General’s 2015 report, the Vice President said,Raphael Guerreiro Dortmund Shirts, “It has been a matter of concern for a very long time and we are doing all we can to make the correction so that we can have proper recording of the spending tax payer’s money and the spending of monies coming into our coffers because if we do not account or cannot account for such matters then our businesses could be in jeopardy so for us we need first of all from the Ministry to correct whatever issues there may be in the area of accounting.”The Minister proposed additional training for staff which he said will ensure the success of this process which will ensure the Ministry moving forward unhindered.According to the Vice President the United Nations Development Programme UNDP has indicated its willingness to support such an undertaking while further revealing that “Mr. Anand Goolsarran who is a well-known figure and who they feel very strongly could give us that guidance and training to correct our weaknesses.”Goolsarran will be contracted until January and Minister Allicock is optimistic that his stint at the Ministry will yield resounding success.


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