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Taxi driver, Fharis Mohamed, is peeved with the police who he claims failed to adequately intervene when he was attacked by a carjacker last Monday.Mohammed, who works with an Eleventh Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme,, East Bank Demerara taxi service,Julian Draxler Jersey, helplessly watched a gun-toting carjacker drive away with his Toyota Spacio. He had bought the vehicle two weeks ago and is still making down payments.Speaking to Kaieteur News yesterday, the taxi driver recorded his displeasure with the way the police handled his case. Mohamed said that the incident occurred a few yards from his place of employment around 20:45 hours,Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys, last Monday.The driver recalled that he and a friend hopped in his car to head home and he had just turned on his vehicle, PSS 9658,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, when an armed gunman opened the door and snatched his cellular phone which he had answered to take a call.“The gunman then told me to exit the vehicle and I pleaded and cooperated with the gunman for him not to shoot. However, just as the gunman drove off, I called a taxi service at the head of the scheme to inform them my car was just hijacked,” he related.Mohammed told this publication that he then opted to call a friend that was “just around the corner” and they were going to chase after the stolen vehicle. Instead, he noticed a police patrol van in front of a Chinese restaurant on Ninth Avenue and sought assistance from them.“I then stopped and informed the police which is supposed to protect and serve the citizens of Guyana. They then said they were going to send transmission to all outlets,” he related.According to Mohammed, he then asked the Police to chase after the vehicle and “their exact words were that their vehicle can’t do that because it can’t drive speed and it doesn’t pick up fast enough.”The peeved driver related that he then had to wait until the ranks finished purchasing food and drinks at the restaurant before they instructed him to go to Diamond/Grove Police Station and lodge a report.At that station, Mohammed said ranks took a report and when he asked if they heard the “transmission” they said no. He told this publication that it was then that they proceeded to send a transmission which Mohamed heard outlets acknowledging.“The police said they were going to have roadblocks. I then had a few friends with me and we began to patrol the road from Diamond to Le Repentir Cemetery which we saw no road blocks,” Mohammed said.He went on to note that the owner of A&A Cabs who was coming from his residence in Tuschen Housing Scheme,Brian Dawkins Eagles Jersey, East Bank Essequibo had stopped and informed several stations along the way of the carjacking.According to him, … ersey.html, the taxi service owner did not notice any road blocks.“Some of my friends’ cars patrolled from Diamond to Soesdyke, Diamond to Mocha and Le Repentir Cemetery and not any road block. Is this the way some members in the police force operate when we, the taxpayers, pay our hard working money to the Government of Guyana?” he questioned.“The police always patrol to check for tint, and other minor traffic offences at even in the wee hours in the morning, but not one single road block for a hijacked vehicle,” the disgruntled man told Kaieteur News.


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