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The courtroom of the Chief Magistrate was on Friday left in a state of shock when the suspects in the much publicized Meten-meer-Zorg murder erupted over the conditions under which they are being held.Before they even entered the prisoner’s docks,Dorian Johnson Cardinas Jersey, the suspects violently hurled a series of expletives and induced such fear that the entire courtroom went ‘dead silent.’The four men were protesting the fact that they were “never granted a day in court” after being held in police custody for months.It all started when the prisoners were taken yesterday morning from the Georgetown Prisons in one of the enclosed prison vans but found themselves once again before the Chief Magistrate at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court for them to be further remanded.When the prisoners were brought up they proceeded to vent their anger as entered the door of Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry’s courtroom who attempted to control the situation which threatened to unfold had the men not met a satisfactory response.One of the suspects violently shouted that they have been attending court and are “only remand and remanded.”Corporal Bharat Mangru however retorted,Zach Cunningham Youth Jersey, “On the last occasion they were not at court because of the flood.” But one of the suspects’ boisterous comment overrode his explanations. Mangru held that it was the Georgetown flood that deterred their court date but the men said “Wakenaam don’t flood” and the ruckus continued.The Chief Magistrate asked the prisoner to defend his claim to which he responded “All ayo is one,Grzegorz Krychowiak Jersey, pure s***t  alyou deh pun.”Magistrate Beharry then informed the prisoner that they are charged with a very serious offence. “You are bordering on being very disrespectful to the court but the prisoner refuted her claim and relayed “Y’all are disrespectful to we.”In what appeared to be an effort to calm the prisoner’s qualms,Gareon Conley Youth Jersey, the Magistrate stated that she will investigate the situation and the prisoners insisted that others from their location were taken before the court.The Magistrate however stated that she will demand an explanation from the Court Superintendent and will have to further remand the prisoners.It is not clear when the men will have another hearing in court.


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