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President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vishnu Doerga said yesterday that his organisation is actively lobbying for the complete removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) and import duties from security equipment.GCCI President,Vishnu DoergaThe GCCI held a press conference yesterday to discuss the security situation in Guyana and to present on its Security Forum and Expo to be held on Friday at the Roraima Duke Lodge. It is intended to empower business owners to be proactive in safeguarding themselves against criminal threats.According to Doerga, presently importers are asked to apply for a waiver in order to avoid paying taxes on these items. He posited that with a complete waiver, not only would it allow importers to easily access the equipment but to also be able to buy better quality equipment.He said that some of the equipment being used currently is not up to par, since some recordings prove to be useless when attempting to identify perpetrators. He believes also that the public sector stands to benefit as well, because when a crime is committed in an area, footage can be retrieved from nearby private entities.“And this has also been happening more frequently. If you look on social media, you will see people publishing snippets of videos of people who would have committed crime.”Doerga said that the GCCI believes that the use of technology will show much more promise than it is currently being used for.According to him, security concerns continue to rank high as a barrier to investment, and in response to this, the Chamber has organised the event.Doerga said that the GCCI continuously collaborates with the Public Security Ministry and the Guyana Police Force on the issues of crime and security, so as to come up with solutions to improve the situation around the country.He said that one of the major issues plaguing the Police Force is not having its full complement of staff to properly execute the Force’s mandate. However, he said that the issue is further amplified due to officers migrating to seek a better life.Doerga said too, that there are initiatives targeting the education of ranks to improve their skills. He pointed out that the Justice Impact Programme is still doing work and the Alternative Dispute Resolution programme out of Jamaica is doing mediation training with both senior and middle level officers.On the issue of intelligence, Doerga said that the GCCI has publicly commended the Crime Chief on making advances in both old and new cases.Presenters and exhibitors at this Friday’s forum will include Microsoft, Starr Computer, Safeway Security,NFL Jerseys China, GEB Security, Gizmos and Gadgets, Professional Guard Service,DeAndre Yedlin Hotspur Jersey UK, INFOTrans Guyana,James Rodriguez Jersey, Integrated Security Services, Qualogy Caribbean,Forrest Lamp Chargers Jersey, National Hardware,Gareon Conley Youth Jersey, Paramaribo Security, N-Remote Tech Support, All Technologies Suriname, The Solutions Centre and others.Local security experts to make presentations at the event include Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine, Brigadier General Mark Phillips and Marlon Gentle, Chief Fire Officer.The forum will cover both traditional and cyber security components. At the expo, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with leading suppliers and distributors, and learn about security technology and solutions, including video surveillance,Eddie Vanderdoes Womens Jersey, safety equipment and accessories.


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