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– will the new laboratory help?A schoolboy sexually assaulted and strangled…a group of five gunned down in a car…a trainee teacher butchered and dumped on a deserted countryside road…a young bank employee robbed and ruthlessly run over by a phone thief…The year 2010 was one of more of the same for the Guyana Police Force—appalling failure to solve these and several other sensational murders that came their way,Jeff Beukeboom Rangers Jersey, including that of one of their colleagues.Vibert WeekesLuciana BhagwandinSheema MangarOn January 10, 2010, the body of 22-year-old  Luciana Bhagwandin, a trainee teacher, was found on a roadside in Harlem, West Coast Demerara.She had been stabbed 16 times.Reports indicate that she was abducted and slain by a man with whom she has been having an affair.According to police, the suspect had identified himself to the victim as Jerry Jhagroo. He reportedly drives a black car and was described as being about 35 years old, brown in complexion and bearded.The suspect reportedly has a friend known as ‘Mark’, who drives a blue Toyota 212 Carina. He is believed to have assisted in Bhagwandin’s abduction.Kaieteur News understands that ‘Jerry Jagroo’ had claimed to be an embassy employee and also boasted of having a business place on the East Bank of Demerara.But police who checked these leads said that this information appears to be false, and Bhagwandin’s killer remains at large.Also in early January, gunmen barged into the Safraz Sports Bar in David Street, Kitty, shooting 36-year-old waitress Kulmattie Singh dead and wounding an Australian national. Police appear to have no clue as to the gunmen’s identity.That same night, businessman Vibert Weekes and a female companion were about to enter a Robb Street night spot when a gunman confronted them.Carl BollersRajendra SonilallThe gunman, who some said was dressed in female attire,Oscar Chelsea Jersey UK, riddled Weekes with bullets before escaping in a waiting car. Detectives retrieved several spent shells from the scene but have apparently failed to link them to any other shooting.On the night of April 9, 2010, Rajendra Sonilall, called ‘Moti’, who processed and exported salted fish, was sitting outside his business premises,Preston Tucker Astros Jersey, when a man wearing a toque shot him in the head and chest at close range.The man believed to be the killer then fled east along Second Street before heading north towards the ‘sea dam.’Two .32 shells were found at the scene.The slain man’s relatives would later reveal that Sonilall had complained that at least two businessmen owed him substantial sums of money but were not repaying the cash. Police questioned one of the businessmen but found nothing to connect him to the murder.Seven-year-old Dacwaun Sutherland from Sophia went on an errand for his mother on June 30 and never returned.The following day, his body was found submerged in a canal in ‘B’ Field, Sophia.An autopsy revealed that someone had sodomised the lad before killing him.Death was due to drowning compounded by compression injury to the neck.Zon Park, the victim’s mother, said thatallegations of sexual molestation of young boys had been made against a man who lived a short distance from the murder scene.She is convinced that the same man can assist the police in their investigations into her son’s death.Ms. Park’s theory is that the killer concealed her son in his house and then disposed of his remains when night fell.Police confirmed that the same individual was detained but that investigators have found nothing to link him to the crime.Police had also questioned five Sophia youths about Sutherland’s death.Nineteen-year-old TSU rank Constable Vickram Singh was on guard duty in the Joint Services Scheme in July when he was shot dead.Police officials said that Singh observed an attempted robbery and was shot by an armed man while trying to apprehend the perpetrator.Shortly after, Commissioner of Police Henry Greene told reporters that one of the suspects in Singh’s murder had been identified.But to date,Steve Young 49ers Jersey, no one has been charged.Claudine Inniss, called ‘Ann’, apparently sealed her fate in July when she went on a bicycle ride with a man with which she had been seen arguing in Leopold Street.The body of the 42-year-old was found the following day on the seawalls. She had been stabbed several times.Relatives identified the man with whom she was last seen as a Kitty resident known as ‘Zagga Zow’.Constable Vickram Singh One relative had claimed that the man had appeared nervous the following day after ‘Ann’ had disappeared.The relative alleged that he also saw blood on the man’s left hand.Police eventually apprehended the suspect but were forced to release him due to a lack of evidence.In late July, the wife of 58-year-old security guard Carl Nelson Bollers went to visit him atthe Mercy Wings Special School, Sophia.She found him lying facedown in a pool of bloodabout 15 feet from the guard-hut.He had been stabbed over ten times and his belt was wrapped around his throat.Bollers was still alive when his wife arrived on the scene, but succumbed shortly after.School officials said that nothing was stolen from the premises.Execution-style killings returned last year, with the worst occurring in September, when gunmen riddled a car travelling through Cummings Lodge, killing a baby and four other occupants.Among the slain were Christopher George, called ‘Bigga’, Steve Jupiter, called ‘Steve man’, his infant son Neon Jupiter, Sherwin Jerome,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, called ‘Dice Head’, and Jupiter’s reputed wife, Fiona Singh.Police Commissioner Henry Greene had said that Jupiter was suspected to have been a paid hit-man, an enforcer and also a transporter of drugs.At around 18:40 hrs on Friday, September 10, Demerara Bank employee Sheema Mangar was awaiting transportation near Camp Street and North Road when a man snatched her Blackberry phone.The man then entered a nearby car.According to the eyewitness, Mangar ran towards the car while shouting “thief, thief.” She reportedly then stood in front of the car while demanding that the thief return the phone.But the occupant of the car drove over Mangar,Shkodran Mustafi Jersey, dragging her to Church Street.The car, said to be silver-grey or “fawn-coloured,” then headed east along Church Street.Mangar succumbed shortly after midnight at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.Police detained two suspects who reportedly drove vehicles similar to the one which had run over Mangar. They also retrieved a strand of hair from beneath one of the vehicles and a piece of cloth that may have come from the victim’s uniform from the other.These samples were sent to Barbados,Jon Singleton Astros Jersey, reportedly for DNA and other tests. Local investigators are still awaiting the results.Police officials seem to be counting on the multi-million forensic laboratory to assist them in making a breakthrough in some of these unsolved cases.Only time will tell.


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