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PEOPLE’S NATIONAL CONGRESS REFORMThe People’s National Congress Reform is pleased to extend greetings and good wishes to all of the people of Guyana as we celebrate the 45th Anniversary of our Republican status.The anniversary of the Republic,wholesale jerseys, apart from the national celebration of Mashramani,NFL Jerseys From China, is an occasion for reflection and assessment of the state of our nation, 45 years after Guyana was declared a Republic.In that regard, it must be evident to all that we, as Guyanese, need to undertake a frank and honest evaluation of whether our nation is headed in the direction that would bring us all, particularly our young people, progress and prosperity.Our Party has joined our partners in A Partnership for National Unity to declare and dedicate our energies to making 2015 the Year of democratic renewal. However, we are conscious that,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, as a nation,NFL Jerseys Supply, we are challenged to remove the threats posed by the scourge of criminality and violence; corruption; the continued lawlessness in high places; the intolerance of views, other than those expressed by the Administration; all of which contribute to infusing a sense of despair and the feeling of hopelessness that is currently afflicting the young people of this nation.This is an Election year and we urge all Guyanese, especially the youth of this nation to vote on Election Day, 11th May 2015.Accordingly, the PNCR wishes all of the Guyanese people a Happy Republic holiday, and a joyous celebration of Mashramani, as we pray that the spirit of peace,Cheap Sports Jerseys, love and unity will dwell among us on the 45th anniversary of our Republic.**FITUGFebruary was chosen as the month to usher in Guyana’s Republican status, 45 years ago, for one major reason.It was in February, 1763, on Plantation Magdalenenburg, Canje, Berbice, that the ill-treated, long-suffering and angry African slaves began a momentous rebellion against their unconscionable Dutch tormentors.The Kofi-led revolutions spread throughout Berbice in a structured militaristic manner before its successes were compromised,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, and defeated after nearly one year. Guyana’s spirit of rebellion against the evils of domination, racism, slavery, exploitation and colonialism was lit long before others in these parts.FITUG – the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana – therefore and foremost, salutes the Spirit of 1763 as we celebrate the 45th Anniversary of our Republicanism. That status itself was meant to reinforce our four year Independence by fashioning our government, our constitution and Parliament in our own context and image, justifiably relinquishing the colonial oriented monarchy.FITUG wishes our nation a happy and a peaceful, joyous Mashramani – the entertaining creative celebration after work and achievement.Forty-five years of a nation’s life is a reasonable period to use for assessment. What have we – our leaders and ourselves – done with Republic’s forty-five (45) years? Is the Republic where we – old and young – want it to be? Are FITUG’s thousands of workers enjoying a quality of life they deserve?These questions at the Republic’s milestone posed within the most interesting context of preparations for elections in a few weeks’ time. What better time for reflection within which to make choices once again to install the best we have to manage our resources as they chart the nation’s future.We the people know what is now there. We know what else we wish and prefer. The choice will soon be ours once again.May the oneness of the Republic at Mashramani time carry through to Election Day in May. Let peace, democracy and development triumph.Happy Mashramani**GAWUThis message is being communicated within a multi-faceted context. Primarily, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) wishes to extend its warmest congratulations to the State, government and people of Guyana on the occasion of the forty-fifty anniversary of Republicanism – the actual date being Monday, February 23, 2015 Republic Day.GAWU is also acutely aware that the country is also in the vital preparatory mode for General and Regional elections in the Independence month of May – a little over two months away. That expression of our democracy, coming virtually two years before its constitutionally preferred, speaks to the 45-year old Republic’s credentials as a democracy, preserved through all attendant sabotage, political and constitutional challenges and doses of economic hardship.So amidst the Republic’s Anniversary observances – including the artistic, cultural, entertaining Mashramani celebrations – Guyanese will consider political choices; will grapple with consistent, conflicting and aggressive messages and appeals by old and new politicians. As a people our will must be expressed according to our ultimate choices.GAWU takes this opportunity to remind the nation, especially those youthful citizens under forty, that four years after the 1966 Independence, there was again political consensus among our major parties and groups that we should become a Republic within the Commonwealth in February, 1970.Our major political leaders agreed that our Independence should be solidified and given the patriotic, nationalistic status of a Republic. That ushered in a Presidency, added governmental responsibilities and later a new Constitution. The years 1970 to 2015 were not without setbacks but also tremendous progress from the standpoint during the colonial era.Many will argue that 1992 onwards re-introduced a new era of democracy and development. GAWU will urge serious introspection and assessment at this time. As a union GAWU uses workers’ quality of life from by-gone periods to the present as a yardstick of personal and collective measurement.GAWU members, workers and all Guyanese are hereby urged to celebrate the Republic’s forty-fifth to your fullest or modest extent, all the whole considering your country’s choices for the continuing development of our country and a progressive future beyond May 11,Atlanta Falcons Jersey, 2015.The future then is in our hands.A Happy Reflective Mashramani 2015


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