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– as Berbice records upsurge in mosquito infestationGuyana has recorded yet another case of the Zika Virus.This was confirmed by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, who told this publicationThe Aedes mosquito transmits the Zika Virus.yesterday that the Vector Control Services Unit of the Ministry of Public Health is tasked with implementing measures to tackle the spread of the virus.The newest case, detected in a resident of Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, has brought the number of cases to six recorded by the Public Health Ministry. The previously recorded victims were two males and three females, all of whom have reportedly recovered. However, health officials yesterday did not divulge the gender of the newest victim.The mosquito-transmitted virus has been linked to birth defects such as microcephaly which has been occurring in alarming proportions in Brazil – Guyana’s neighbour to the south. As such there have been more concerns about pregnant women contracting the virus.“I think it is a question of luck, we are extremely lucky,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,” said Minister of Public Health, Dr George Norton, when asked by this publication earlier this month if there were cases recorded among pregnant women.But despite the proximity to Brazil,Atlanta Falcons Jersey, which has recorded worrying numbers of the Zika Virus, Minister Norton said that his Ministry is not very worried about the interactions between Guyana and Brazil.“When one visits Lethem and sees the amount of Brazilians we have there yet there is hardly any case of Zika, it is encouraging. But we are worried more about Suriname, because what we have learnt is that persons who have tested positive had some exposure to Suriname. So we are thinking the problem for us is Suriname and not Brazil really.” Suriname is Guyana’s neighbour to the East.It is believed that if a pregnant woman is infected with the virus during the first trimester, her baby is likely to be born with microcephaly, an abnormal smallness of the head.But according to recent disclosures by Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Ms. Margaret Chan, there seem to be indications that microcephaly is now only one of several birth defects liked to the Zika virus. She however informed that more research will have to be done to validate this suspicion.The virus has also been associated with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome which is an autoimmune disorder.  Research is also on-going to ascertain whether the virus is sexually transmitted.This publication understands that the newest case comes at a time when residents of Berbice are worried about an upsurge in the infestation of mosquito in New Amsterdam. This publication was privy to information that reports of an increase in the mosquito population there had forced the Vector Control Services Unit to dispatch a team of workers to assess the situation. Reports are that the New Amsterdam environment has an abundance of breeding sites for mosquitoes. Intense fogging activities have been on-going to tackle the situation, this publication has learnt.Although the Public Health Ministry has not shared an estimated number of suspected cases of the virus recorded, Minister Norton did disclose that once persons manifest with symptoms of the virus,Alex Delvecchio Red Wings Jersey, it is expected that efforts will be immediately made by health personnel to offer treatment.Aside from the troubling conditions that have been associated with the virus, Minister Norton assured that most persons infected are not expected to manifest symptoms.The Public Health Ministry has however been urging persons to check with the nearest health facility if they develop a fever or any other Zika symptoms including rash,Authentic Jerseys Sale, joint or muscle pain,NFL Jerseys China, headache or conjunctivitis (pink eye) which are symptoms of the Zika Virus.The Zika virus is spread by infected Aedes mosquitoes that bite throughout the day into the evening and at nights. In addition to the Zika virus and dengue fever, the Aedes mosquito can also transmit Chikungunya. They are able to breed around homes especially in collections of fresh water such as open black tanks, tyres,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, roof guttering, plant containers and other vessels.Persons can seek to prevent mosquito bites by wearing light-coloured clothes that cover the body,NFL Jerseys Outlet, arms and legs. They can also help to protect themselves by using insect repellents on exposed body parts and use household insecticide sprays, coils and candles to ward off mosquitoes.


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