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– Kaieteur News stands by video interviewThe Coast Guard rank under arrest for the murder of Dweive Kant Ramdass, was never involved in JSOG operations in the Lindo creek area,Wholesale Jerseys, according to a release yesterday from the Guyana Defence Force.The release was in response to Sunday’s Kaieteur News story headlined “Army Chief, Coast Guard rank differ on Lindo Creek,” which stated that one of the ranks implicated in Ramdass’ death had said he was at Lindo Creek when eight miners were slaughtered.Dubbing the report as ‘irresponsible,’ the army said that it “categorically states that the allegation made by one of the arrested Coast Guard ratings, that he was involved in Joint Services operation at Lindo Creek, is false and without substance.”“In the past,Cheap Jerseys From China, Kaieteur News has printed and circulated information, which sought to link the Joint Services to the occurrences at Lindo Creek. This was done, despite the lack of evidence to support their reportage. Though requested, there was no retraction of those reports,” the statement said.Contrary to this statement, Kaieteur News had in fact published numerous reports made by the police and the Joint Services, in which they had linked the so-called ‘Fine Man’ gang to the Lindo Creek murders.Meanwhile, the army reiterated that its officers and ranks “are shocked, horrified and saddened at the notorious and reprehensible criminal conduct of a few Coast Guard Ranks who perpetrated the robbery and subsequent murder of Dweive Kant Ramdass of Bartica.  The GDF reiterates that such criminality in no way speaks of its character.”“Chief-Of-Staff,wholesale jerseys, Commodore Gary Best has met with the family of the deceased and gave assurances that all expenses associated with his interment will be undertaken by the state. He has also extended, on behalf of the entire Force,Alex Delvecchio Red Wings Jersey, sincerest condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Mr. Ramdass.”“The GDF has launched an investigation into the incident and will undertake rigorous internal scrutiny to prevent the reoccurrence of any such acts.”In a video interview with Kaieteur News,Andrew Desjardins Jersey, the soldier,cheap nfl jerseys, who identified himself by name and rank, had given his version of events regarding Ramdass’ abduction and death and admitted that “we (the rank and his two colleagues) “tek a chance.”On video too, the rank was specifically asked if he was a member of the Joint Services team that went to Lindo Creek and he admitted that he was.  He further qualified his involvement in the JSOG operations at Lindo Creek by pointing out that he had gone to at least one other location before going to Lindo Creek.Pressed further in the video interview, he stated that any other question concerning the happenings at Lindo Creek should be asked of the army Hierarchy.This publication also notes that Army Chief Commodore Gary Best was asked if the rank was a member of the joint services group at Lindo Creek on Saturday during his visit to the man’s relatives at Eccles and his response was a resounding no.Kaieteur News invites Commodore Best and others in the army hierarchy to listen to and view the recording.


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