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– “he tried to kill me, but I was determined to live” By Latoya Giles “I didn’t kill him. He tried to kill me and that’s the truth.”Those were the words of 26-year-old Dianne Browne, the woman whose ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old Julius Chung, was found dead with stab wounds to the chest in a Joseph Pollydore Street,Wholesale China Jerseys, Lodge house last February.Diane BrowneBrowne herself staggered out of the house bearing stab wounds to the back, breast and stomach.Browne’s version of events is that Chung, who is also the father of her one-year-old son, stabbed her after forcing his way into the house, and initial reports suggested that he then turned the weapon on himself.But investigators suspect that someone else inflicted the fatal wounds. Detectives recovered two knives from the house, and forensic experts pointed that male suicide victims seldom stab or slash themselves.There were also no “hesitation wounds” on Chung’s body, which are tiny wounds that a suicide victim sometimes inflicts on himself prior to inflicting deeper wounds.Suspicion fell on survivor Dianne Browne and, after being released from hospital last week,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, she was immediately ‘invited’ to the East La Penitence Police Station for questioning.But in an interview with Kaieteur News yesterday, Browne proclaimed her innocence in Chung’s demise.“I knew that the police wanted to talk to me and I was prepared, but the way they did it was like if they knew that I killed him.”“I am innocent and the police, along with so many other people, need to understand that,” Browne lamented.“I even became annoyed after the police started coming on strong with these questions, because imagine he tried to kill me and they telling me that I killed him. I couldn’t believe what they were saying.”She is to be further questioned on Wednesday.Recounting what allegedly occurred at Lot 40 Joseph Pollydore Street Lodge on February 18 last,Jerseys From China, Browne said Chung had forced his way into the house.One of the wounds that Diane sustained during the attackBrowne said she immediately went to her room and locked the door.“He just keep calling for me, but I just ain’t come out, but this mek he get mad and he kick de door down,” the woman explained.“After he come inside I get frighten. He came after me and started strangling me.”After that, Chung allegedly whipped out a knife and began stabbing Browne, as she screamed for help.“I just calling out he name… he was determined to kill me but I was determined to live.”According to Browne, she eventually managed to break free from the “dead lock” which he had her in and rushed to the front door.But the woman said that Julius had already bolted the door when he entered the house.“After I see the door bolt up I get more nervous and frighten, because I think that he woulda run behind me and start to stab me more,” Browne said.She allegedly managed to open the locked door and run to the assistance of her landlord, who lives in the upper flat of the building.She said that she called out for the landlord and told him that her ‘child father’ had just stabbed her and that he was downstairs.According to Browne, she asked the landlord to make a phone call to her mother who works at the Woodlands Hospital.The landlord, she said, came downstairs with a cutlass and told her that he would defend her if Chung attacked again.Browne was taken to the Woodlands Hospital, but had to be transferred to the Georgetown Hospital because of the severity of her wounds.Police later found Chung’s body lying on a bloody mattress in Browne’s bedroom.Asked about the fact that the police retrieved two knives from the scene,NFL Jerseys Supply, Browne said that she only knew about one knife,Throwback Jerseys, and that was the one with which Julius stabbed her.Asked about the condition in which she left Chung,Dwight Howard Hawks Jersey, Browne said: “I left him downstairs alive and wearing his jersey, but when the police find he was not wearing his jersey. I just run without looking back, so I can’t really say what happened afterwards.”Diane Browne said that Julius was never really abusive to her but would show his ignorance in other ways.She said that she remembered once when the couple was living in Bartica they were having a misunderstanding and he destroyed the buckets and basins.“He would make me feel frighten when he would pick up a “chopper” and threaten to kill me, but would later return and tell me that he was joking and he loved and cared about me.”


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