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The Guyana Police Force is taking cognizance of a groundbreaking High Court ruling and will be reviewing its position on the controversial issue regarding the Stop Search and Detain policy.This was revealed to Kaieteur News by a senior police officer who was reacting to the October 31 ruling by Justice William Ramlal, which was highlighted in an article in the Sunday edition of this newspaper.Justice Ramlal had ruled that the police stop, search and subsequent detention of Attorney at Law, now judge Navindra Singh on October 24, 2006 was an abuse of power.Police ranks during one of their many stop and searches.Yesterday,Atlanta Falcons Jersey, the senior police officer told this newspaper that the force’s administration “will have to sit down and come up with a policy…review our operations. It will certainly affect future operations.”He did admit that the police’s power to stop, search and detain is not absolute.It is not clear if any action will be taken retroactively against the ranks involved, in light of justice Ramlal’s ruling.In his claims, Singh said that he was a practicing Attorney-at-Law. On May 9, 2006, he was driving his car along Charlotte Street,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, Georgetown, when he was stopped at the edge of the road after his engine light started flashing indicating something was wrong.Singh said that before he could have spoken to his mechanic, a police vehicle pulled alongside with Police Constable James telling him that the car was obstructing the ‘free flow of traffic’. The plaintiff said he drove to another street, Croal Street, and parked in the corner when the same vehicle pulled in front of him at a 45 degrees angle.According to the plaintiff, he was directed to exit his vehicle and upon enquiring, he was told that the ranks wanted to search it. “I then asked him what was his probable cause for such a search?. By this time the Number two Defendant (Police Sergeant James) was standing next to my driver’s side door with his rifle pointed at me.James who pointed the rifle at me said “This is all the reason we need”. I at that point demanded identification from the police. James asked, “You want dead? Come out you vehicle now.”Another senior officer was not too subtle in his condemnation of the police’s actions in the particular case involving the attorney at law.He lashed out at the conduct of the ranks saying that they were taught that stop, search and detain was not an absolute option.“In my opinion the ugly experience of the attorney now judge is symptomatic of a bigger problem that existed for a long time and that is abuse of power and authority,” he said.He added that the victim was fortunate that he had the necessary wherewithal that allowed him to take legal action.“Unfortunately the average member of the public does not have the resources to do so. Their only recourse is to the Police Complaints Authority and the Office of Professional Responsibility, and sometimes these agencies take a lifetime to administer justice if any at all,” the police officer explained.For quite some time there have been reports and in many cases evidence of police shakedowns,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, without any punishment meted out to those who are responsible.At last month’s Christmas policing presentation,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, the Guyana Police Force through Divisional Commander Derrick Josiah spoke of stop and search as one of the main methods to prevent criminal activity throughout the season.“God helps the average citizen at Christmas time who is likely to become a victim of police abuse. Once this does not affect those in authority,Cheap NFL Jerseys, they don’t give a damn. It is only when their friends and relatives are victims then they care,Arizona Diamondbacks Fernando Rodney Jersey,” the officer declared.He added that stop and search should not be an arbitrary thing,wholesale jerseys, and stressed that there must be specific reason to do so.


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