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There have been major improvements in the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) results this year in Region 6. According to Primary Schools Regional Education Officer,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Mrs Zaira Ragnauth, 2,445 students wrote the exams and out of that amount, 512 were awarded places at senior secondary schools,Adrian Wilson Cardinals Jersey, compared to 170 last year. She said that 1,Wholesale China Jerseys,721 students were awarded places at junior secondary schools, a small drop of 3.7% from 2010. Ragnauth noted that 2,cheap nfl jerseys,233 students were awarded places at secondary schools in Region 6.With regards to placement at the Primary Tops and Annexes, she disclosed that 212 were awarded places compared to 171 in 2010. The education officer said that a survey into this trend revealed that these students who were awarded Primary Tops and Annexes (the lower secondary schools) came from “low income brackets and poverty-stricken areas”.The Annexe schools in Berbice are Skeldon High and Vryman’s Erven, while the Primary Tops schools in Berbice are Fort Ordnance, Overwinning and New Amsterdam.There was an overall percentage of 80.16% in 2010 placement in secondary schools, whereas this year there is 91.3%,Cheap NFL Jerseys, an 11.14% improvement in the region.Ragnauth credited the improved results to “committed teachers in the Grade 6” who have worked hard. “Teachers go the extra mile; they worked very hard. What I know they did with these top students, they assigned them tasks in groups and they worked using the cooperative group strategy and they come up with their own research. So they worked on their own actually, with the teachers facilitating them forward.”She noted that teachers worked with the slow learners as well. “Overall, I think that, although we have improved, we still need to work with the lower category and low-performing schools.” More monitoring and supervisory visits, workshops with strategies, going in and assisting with demonstration lessons and more remedial work are some of the suggestions, Ragnauth said, that could motivate those low-performing schools to perform better at these exams. Added materials, she stressed, can assist.“The Department of Education can consider twinning the low-performing schools with the schools that are performing better. We can twin New Amsterdam Primary with All Saints’ [Primary] so they would assist each other, we just twin some schools.And they share their success stories and the teachers would come together and they would discuss strategies that they have tried in their schools to improve results,”she opined.Some of the high-performing schools she is pleased with include Cropper, Cumberland and St Therese Primaries. Edinburgh, Auchlyne, Port Mourant, Lesbeholden, Rose Hall and Alness are among some of the Primary schools in Region 6 which have improved a great lot in this year’s NGSA.The top regional performers had credited much of their successes to the School News, and Ragnauth admitted that it has helped. The School News is an organization that prepares a package of exam questions and other resources, from Grade 1 straight up to Grade 6,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, with past exam questions, so that students can have a firsthand look at how exam questions are structured.“It exposes the children. In addition, they use the newspapers, teacher-made questions as well as mock exams.”Among plans for the new school term in Primary Schools in Region 6, Ragnauth said, remedial work is particularly essential, as well as the Six-Year Programme in some schools. She recommended Diagnostic Tests for really weak students entering secondary schools in September, including those entering the Vryman’s Erven Secondary (which does the Six-Year Programme).“Based on that result, you can get the children in groups and you can look at the standards. The teachers can work in groups with the children.And you know this is the point, so you can move on. A lot of children need individual attention, group work and a lot of remedial work,” Ragnauth concluded.The table at left shows the average pass rate (50% and above) in the NGSA results for Region 6 for the last four years:-SUBJECTS    2008    2009    2010    2011English     21.75%    20.18%     18.91%    35%Mathematics    22.77%    19.14%    22.53%    30%Social Studies    18.36%    21.25%    21.87%    37%Science    22.5%    19.81%    22.29%    27%


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