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The Alliance For Change, (AFC) has debunked accusations of widespread corruption within the party.AFC,wholesale jerseys, Councillor for Region Six, Haseef Yusuf, is alleging,Wholesale China Jerseys, that members of the executive arm of the AFC continue to indulge in a host of corrupt practices,NFL Jerseys Cheap, which includes the mismanagement of funds within the party.AFC leader Khemraj RamjattanHis accusations were made public via sections of the state media, recently. Yusuf pointed to instances, where significant sums of money were donated by the overseas chapter of the AFC, but were not accounted for in entirety, due to the lack of proper financial records keeping within the party.The Regional Councillor related to one case, where the financial statement which ended on February 2012 showed a surplus of $464,643 yet members were told after the 2011 Elections that the AFC owed Mrs. Cathy Hughes in excess of $7 million.Yusuf accuses the AFC “top guns,NFL Jerseys Supply,” of complementing each other’s corrupt practices. He made mention of AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes, who rescinded his resignation from the group, even after revelations that he had been company secretary of Amaila Falls Inc.Party treasurer, Dominic Gaskin, says this is a desperate attempt by Yusuf to destroy the credibility of the political party, which generally depends on goodwill of the public for financial support.“Whatever money comes in through donation is deposited in our bank accounts…We have a process. Whenever money is withdrawn it has to be accounted for.”Gaskin called the allegations made by Yusuf,Cheap NFL Jerseys, “outrageous,” he said that there is no corrupt management of funds since annual financial statements are presented at the party’s national conference,Arizona Diamondbacks Fernando Rodney Jersey, held every two years.“Most of his concerns have to do with the 2011 post elections period. During the elections period, there were a lot of advertisements done for the campaign.“We used’ Video Mega Inc, which is owned by Ms. Cathy Hughes, to do our advertising. The company extended us a line of credit production and placement of ads. It is normal business for any participating group to have outstandingAFC treasurer Dominic Gaskindebts after elections.”Party Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, said that the AFC has satisfied the requirements of transparency and accountability.He explained that the party has a financial administrative arm, which is managed by “a registered not for profit company, AFC Inc.”“All our property— motor bikes, vehicles everything— that we own are in the name of that company. Executives or members of AFC are not paid…We are the only political party using this company method, which has had audited statements. We have sent our returns to the company registrar; we are on the ball, in relation to transparency.“I have challenged the other parties to do the same… We have a private auditor; our returns are filed and form a public record. At our last national conference, a complete declaration of our income and expenditures was made…”“We spent approximately $90 million at the last elections. Other political parties used up much more funds.”Ramjattan says that the party regards Yusuf as a former member since “he has not renewed his membership to the party for past two years, since the PPP won the elections…He does not represent the AFC. He is trying to tarnish the reputation of the party”He explained, however that the party, does not have the legal authority to recall the regional councilor,NFL Jerseys Outlet, “but we have asked him to resign from the party and we are asking him again publicly.”


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