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–    Calls on police to investigate since accuse threatens to killAccepting a drop from a stranger can lead to rape, robbery or even worst. This was the experience of a 19-year-old female recently. The young woman who accepted a free ride on a motorcycle had a rude awakening when the motorcyclist detoured from carrying her to the market and instead took her to a secluded area where she was almost raped.She was saved by two young men on passing bicycles who in turn towed her a corner away and proceeded to rob her of jewelry, cash and other valuables.She is calling on the police to carry out a proper investigation into her allegations,Miami Dolphins Throwback Jersey, since she claims that the man made death threats to her if she continued with the case which she reported to the Alberttown Police Station.According to the young woman who works in Stabroek Market, she would sometimes finish working late some evenings after tending to a stall at the market. This episode all began when she first bought C-point credit from a vendor at the Stabroek Market.“When I first buy a phone card from this man,New York Yankees Aroldis Chapman Jersey, somehow the card number was not going into my phone and I told him. I gave him back the card and he ask me for my cell number, I then gave him my cell number,Detroit Tigers Jerseys, and he put the credit in my phone. Couple days after I began receiving calls from a person telling me they are my secret admirer, asking me to go out with him. I did not know was the same vendor who sold me the phone card.”This incident occurred two days before she was almost raped. The teen said that whenever the man would call on different numbers he would never give his name or identify himself.  “He continued to call and whenever he called he would ask to go out with me, and ask where I was and stuff like that.On October 27,Klay Thompson USA Jersey, he called me and asked to go out and I agreed since I wanted to know who it was. He asked where I was and I told him I was in Kitty with my friend. He kept calling all day into the evening and asked me if I coming and I told him yes and he cut off the phone.”After hanging out in Kitty she left to go with friends at Front Road, West Ruimveldt Georgetown where into the wee hours of Monday morning she decided to leave her friends company and head to Stabroek Market where she had planned to catch a bus and head to the East Bank Demerara where she resides.“About one in the morning while waiting on transportation, I saw the guy (the vendor) and he pull up on a motorcycle and said ‘red woman’. Then he identified himself and where I knew him from, and he tell me he will give me a drop and I don’t have nothing to be afraid of.“I decided to take the drop and on my way he telling me about a murder and how he use to kill,Dennis Smith Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, and he went in jail for some gun story, and how he got nuff contacts and he knows the boy I deh with is a police.”At that point and time the motorcyclist demanded that she hugged him tight around his waist. She added that the man then swerved from the route to the market and instead headed up D’Urban Street then turned into Louisa Row, Georgetown.There he dashed into a yard. She then realized something was amiss and attempted to run when she was grabbed by the neck and choked.While he was choking her, the woman said that he loosened his belt with the other hand and was then raising up my skirt. Then I saw two boys passing on bicycles and he began losing his grip on my neck then I began hollering. The boys come to my rescue; they chased the man and cuss he up.”The teen said that after feeling relieved that the two young men saved her,Mike Weaver Canadiens Jersey, she joined them on cycle and was taken a corner away where another shocking event unfolded.She continued: “After I realize they were not carrying me to the park to catch a bus, I started to beg them. And the two of them was like, alright yo gon tek off that ring on your fingers, and give meh that bag you have and the cell phone. Then they took off after seeing a car coming up the road.”She lamented that after they left her on the road, another cyclist came to her rescue, this time giving her a phone call. “He said he see me and can’t leave me on the road. He gave me a cell call and I call my boyfriend and he carry me home. I later made a report to the Stabroek Market police outpost and another at Alberttown Police Station. “The teen is claiming that the man boasts of having police friends and contacts. He was arrested and taken to Ruimveldt Police Station and placed on station bail.A confrontation was held, the man was abusive and used derogatory remarks without the police reprimanding him in anyway. “I have a medical, and the police are demanding that I bring witnesses.”   She is asking the police to take serious action since the man had threatened to kill her.


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