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When people want to sell anything some people does walk pun de road wid dem produce either in basket, … -Patriots/, pun dem head or in whatever dem carrying around. Then dem does mek nuff noise like calling out. Some does mek funny sounds fuh attract attention.Dem got some who does encourage you to try the merchandise like people who selling genip. Dem does give you to taste and then encourage you to buy. Dem road gyal got another technique but dem boys ain’t gun talk bout that yet.Jagdeo got something to sell and yesterday he couldn’t hide it from nobody. From de inception dem boys know that he own de Hard Times paper that nobody don’t buy. He try all kind of thing—he try colour pun every page,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he try big newspaper,Cooper Kupp Jersey, he try free distribution but nutten ain’t wukking.He come up wid a new trick. He did give heself a radio station. As soon as bird wife wake he jump up and tell people not to buy de Waterfalls paper and de Big Market paper. He stopping people and telling dem dont buy de two paper.De Waterfalls boss man get vex that he pick up a piece of wood and was going out to look fuh Jagdeo but people stop him.Dem boys seh that Jagdeo got to be losing he senses. If people don’t like something then dem wouldn’t buy it suh he shouldn’t talk bout boycotting. People know something good when dem see it and both de Waterfalls paper and de Big Market paper is good things that is why people buying dem.Dem is de two papers that mek people know that Jagdeo is a scamp and a man who can corrupt good people. He corrupt de Chinee man who control de courts. That was a good man who never use to pick sides when he handing down he decision. Jagdeo mek he change.Even de man who use to operate Guyoil get touch up. Kwame was a good boy  then he meet wid Jagdeo. He tek de Hen See Hen car and run up a bill in one month what a plane would use to fly to New York and back. It tun out that Kwame use to sell gas like a gas station and is Jagdeo cause that.Talk half and give Jagdeo a dose of he own medicine.


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