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By Zena Henry“The Palms Geriatric Home celebrates Christmas like any other care-providing organization. We cater for our occupants and hope to continually provide services – especially during the festive season – that would sincerely indicate our dedication and appreciation for our elderly community.”A notion expressed by Mrs. Irene Thomas,Carlos Santana Indians Jersey, a social worker attached to the Administrative Department, who continued to impart the vision of the institution which is located at Brickdam in Georgetown.She said that the institution provides health care and personal services among other things for at least 250 residents, who in most cases are housed at the facility because they have been abandoned, neglected or are destitute.Thomas explained that these persons (aged 60 and over) most times do not have family who care for them or they are unable to take care of themselves. She said the organization, which is supported and maintained by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, often receives items, gifts and donations from Non-Governmental Organizations and the public.This she emphasized has brought the institution to the actively capable foundation it is today compared to the standard and even reputation it held some years ago.Thomas asserted that the Palms is over 100 years old having been established in 1903, and initially referred to as the “Alms House.” She said the stigma attached to the institute prompted the change of the organization’s name to the Palms after the institute started catering for the elderly with a more clear aim afoot.The official said back then, the place had been catering for extremely poor persons living in Guyana. She also related that from that period to present-day there have been drastic changes and achievements made by the establishment. This,Dominic Solanke Jersey, she said, included the upgrade of the services provided the amount of skilled persons and the manner in which the services are executed (personnel skills).Thomas related that apart from the government, the contributions they receive have helped to alter the management and service provision for the inmates. She mentioned several key organizations such as Food for the Poor, Salvation Army and National Insurance Scheme (NIS), that would regularly assist the institute tangibly. Only recently, she noted, the NIS held a Christmas party for the inmates, a gesture which is also done annually by the Ministry of Human Services.When Kaieteur News visited the location,Josh Williams Toronto Jersey, the physiotherapy section, although not directly connected to the Palms, was having its annual Christmas party,Dion Dawkins Bills Jersey, which was celebrated to the silky smooth sound of steel pan music. Just getting a glimpse of what Christmas at the Palms is like, the physiotherapy patients who were all stoke victims taking treatment at a separate institute at the Palms,Candido Ramirez Mexico Jersey, were treated to fine food and drink.With their enjoyment being funded by donations, the persons were shown the spirit of the season. The organizers spoke and interacted with the guests of honour, spreading the Christmas cheer. The large room was beautifully decorated. Some persons, those able to, danced to and sang Christmas carols played by the panmen.Mrs. Thomas said a number of the inmates often relate their enjoyment and happiness at these functions. They are exposed to a host of activities that occur throughout the year. These activities are kept in accordance with the service commitment of the institution.“Christmas for these residents is a joy,Taco Charlton Womens Jersey, and just another aspect of their life at the home. Many of them would express their fascination about Christmas of today in comparison to the less busy Christmases they would have known.They enjoy the season because of the hustle and bustle. They are used to lovely surprises at Christmas, including family-oriented events,” Thomas noted.“This time of year is for sharing and caring, therefore the elder sector of our society should not be left out. In fact they will never be left out”


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