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– Robeson Benn says evidence suggests coincidenceIn what has been considered a clear case of discrimination,Mookie Betts Red Sox Jersey, Drainage and Irrigation workers yesterday clearing the canals along the Railway Embankment ignored the section of the trench in front of the home of columnist,Budda Baker Jersey, Freddie Kissoon. Many of the drivers passing the area stopped and stared in disbelief at the scene.According to Kissoon, he was told by workers that they had been contracted to clean the canal, located immediately south of the embankment.They also said that they were ordered not to clear the trench in front of Kissoon’s home.The excavator started the clearing at the UG road junction and worked its way west towards the CARICOM headquarters. The workers then skipped the section in front of Kissoon’s home and moved on.Kissoon’s home is immediately east of the CARICOM headquarters.Asked to explain this,Michael Roberts Womens Jersey, Works Minister Robeson Benn said that there were two teams clearing the canal and they were working from the two extremities. He said that when they called it a day they had reached the section of the canal outside Freddie Kissoon’s home.There was a huge bed of uncleared water hyacinth (duckweed) in front of the home, a stark contrast to the rest of the trench.Minister Benn said that anyone who concluded that Kissoon was being targeted is promoting a conspiracy theory. He said that there was nothing to the non-clearance of the section of canal outside Kissoon’s home. “Don’t jump to conclusions. Everything will be cleared by tomorrow (today)”.He said that the government could not be so petty and any evidence of this is merely coincidental.The clean-up exercise is said to be part of the preparations for Guyana’s hosting of the UNASUR meetings,Nabil Bentaleb Hotspur Jersey UK, where several regional Heads of Government are expected in Guyana.According to one passerby, it was as if the workers,Blank Manchester Jersey, clearly working under orders, placed a chalk line at the eastern fence of Kissoon’s yard and cleared the canal to the east of that line. The demarcation was very neat and not haphazard. It was almost the same at the western section. The stretch outside the solitary house lot west of Kissoon’s property was cleared. There are about a dozen house lots east of Kissoon’s property and the canal outside all of them was cleared of the weeds.According to Kissoon, whose columns have raised the ire of the administration overtime, it was a clear case of spite by government authorities and a direct attack on the sensibilities of Guyanese where one citizen has been attacked because he dared to speak out.It was only a few months ago that Kissoon was attacked during a visit to supermarket on Robb Street.At that time,Cameron Brannagan Liverpool Jersey, the columnist was about to enter his vehicle when a man threw faeces on him. His attacker then escaped in a waiting car.


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