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   which one are you looking forward to getting your hands on the most?S. but I found extremely cheap flights to Columbia so figured I would just get a taste of the flair Totally not enough time I understand but figured a little was better than nothing
Everyone raves about Cartagena and the parks in the area I've also heard about some great hill towns What would you recommend I don't mind night buses (compared to other countries in S America how do they compare ie are we talking Argentine luxury or Bolivia style) but am also not trying to see everything
Thanks for any tips
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5 years ago July 25th 2010
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Hi there - not sure if I'm going to be much help because although I was there for a month I didn't travel around a lot but here goes If I were you I would either go to Cartagena and the nearby parks - totally doable in 10 days or to the coffee region and either Medellin or Bogota
Cartagena is gorgeous I absolutely loved it there I didn't get up to the parks and beaches but from what I heard the transport was easy and not too long I can't tell you about the buses sorry
However my other favourite place is the coffee region and for a 10 day trip that's what I'd do You could fly into Bogota spend a couple of days there then head to one of the main cities I stayed near Armenia for five days and loved it There was heaps to do and you could easily spend more than five days there Salento and the Valle de Cocora was a must I also went horse riding trekking to an organic coffee farm..the list goes on You would probably have time to go to Medellin for a couple of days at the end or just enjoy your time in the coffee zone
Enjoy - I'm very envious
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5 years ago October 20th 2010
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Colombia is amazing you are really doing the right thing Me and my boyfriend went to Cartagena and Santa Marta - both two gorgeous cities by the sea We also rented two fantastic apartments that we booked through http://oasiscolombiacom/ Our stay was perfect I hope you will have a fantastic trip when are you going
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5 years ago December 13th 2010
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