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– urges city citizens to place ‘X’ near equilateral triangleA balanced eye and clear conscience are the tools that Malcolm DeFreitas has promised to use once he wins Constituency One in the City of Georgetown, which is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Demerara River, Church Street and Irving Street.The resident of Light Street, Alberttown is an independent candidate contesting the long anticipated Local Government Elections (LGE) set for Friday March 18, 2016, and DeFreitas is very confident that he will be victorious.With recently trimmed hair and very noticeable salt and pepper beard and moustache,Cheap Sports Jerseys, DeFreitas yesterday sold himself as the ideal candidate.The former married father of one, told this publication that his primary aim is to ensure that the city and the people therein are the ultimate beneficiaries when issues are addressed in City Hall.As he spoke of his desire to attend to the needs of his constituency,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, DeFreitas informed that he will be advocating for measures to help elevate the citizens, especially those who are vulnerable.“I have been speaking to a major businessman in the city and he has convinced me that I have to move City Hall to become more business friendly so that more employment can be created.” He also stressed the need for young individuals to benefit from guidance and even be granted some support as empowerment tactics.“There is need for definition and structure in young people’s lives. I have passed through that process so I understand,” said DeFreitas who insisted that he understands his constituency well since he grew there.He is urging citizens within his constituency to put their ‘X’ in the box next to his symbol, the equilateral triangle,wholesale jerseys, come polling day. The base of the triangle represents the people of the city while the two sides represent DeFreitas’s leadership at the level of Council for benefits to the people.“I have the skills, I have the courage and I’ve got the stamina. It is not easy walking around the city all the time talking to people about your hopes, your projects and listening to them…but they have influenced my opinion and have helped me to really develop my campaign,” said DeFreitas.And his campaign commenced long before other candidates, he revealed yesterday. This,Authentic Jerseys Sale, he said, is reflected by the fact that “some of my competitors are now putting their posters on top of my posters. If you go to Lamaha Street and Parade Street you will see this. But I just consider this all a part of the turbulence of the process of politics.”DeFreitas has a history in politics having served as an Executive Member and Chief Scrutineer for The United Force political party. He however had an unceremonious parting with the party when he embraced opposing view about its former leader, Mr. Manzoor Nadir, and his relationship with the People’s Progressive Party/Civic.“I have done a lot of political work; I am not unknown in that area,Jerseys From China,” said DeFreitas who also professes to be a major actor,Jerseys Cheap NFL, director and writer at the Theatre Guild.


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