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   A..009s; cc: 9; qc: 11; dbt: 0. Coming to Jacmel,adidas boys sandals, The buildings are all looking old today, Nothing is easy in Peru and finding the start was another prime example. both doctors who had just come similarly to Nadine from sea level.... The driver was their guide and guess who the guide was.the same guy who ripped us off a few days before in the taxi ride to lake Churup They didn't stand much of a chance from the start A couple of hours later and we were at the base of the climb up to the summit We had 900m to climb the first day and then another 800m the following morning The first day was a breeze steadily making our way up to the base camp and taking in many of the awesome views on the way up It wasn't a gentle hill so after 2 hours we had climbed the 900m It was a different case for Laura's porter Orlando He wasn't exactly a porter in fact he had never been up to the top of a mountain in 5 years Instead he was a friend of the shop owner who had assigned him to us because he was learning the ropes and had amazing English We ended up carrying the majority of the gear up ourselves leaving Orlando with a reasonable weight in his bag He couldn't have been a nicer guy but he was definitely not a porter Whilst we had been at the base camp for an hour he emerged over the lip of the hill and very out of breathe We had set up camp when it started to snow and continued to do so right up until 5pm The camp was fairly busy with another group of people from Russia who were up there for some other walking Along with them was another 2 people attempting the summit climb The 2 English girls had also made it to camp however struggling a lot because of the altitude Whilst the snow fell down our guide set about making an awesome chicken spaghetti Bolognese Orlando was his helper and together they rustled up a mountainous masterpiece It was around 4pm when we had our tea and all we had to do after that was try and get sme sleep as we were to wake up at 130am to start the climb By 7pm we were asleep or partially so and the next 6 hours were on and off mainly due to the excitement of what was to come 130am soon arrived and we had a quick breakfast of bread for me and wraps for the bread allergic Laura At 2am we started the ascent The first 100m was all on rock and we made our way up it head torches leading the way easily It was then when we hit the snow line and so it was crampons on ice axes out and rearing to go We couldn't see the mountain up above us because of the dark but we could see the very steep hills directly in front It was one after the other and no zigzagging done We made our way directly up them and this had a massive toll on Orlando in particular The poor guy was stopping every 20m gasping for air and trying hard to not pass out from dizziness Another hour later and Orlando gave in knowing that if we kept on at that pace we wouldn't make it to the top It was around 5am when we left him and set about a new pace one with less stops and one that killed me Laura seemed to be fine the whole ascent handing my ass to me but I was in a world I hadn't experienced Every 20m or so I'd be feeling sick maybe because of too much bread but more likely the altitude As we went above 5500m it was when it hit me The hardest of the climb had been done in the previous 2 hours however this was where it got hard Slowly but surely though we crawled up in the dark and by 6am we were 200m away from the top The last leg of the climb included some proper climbing the first time up a snow shelf and the second up a steep ridge The first wasn't too bad more of a steep staircase but the second was much narrower and a lot closer to the edge Our guide went ahead very briskly and hammered in a stake and then Laura and I made our way up to meet him It was axe in the ice stuff as we climbed up on all fours For me this was he hardest bit and it took all I had not to be sick Once we made it to the stake we had a steady 100m to the summit This was the longest and slowest 100m of my life Laura was tied in in front of me so she set the pace I felt like a dog refusing to walk being dragged along 10 minutes later and we summited the mountain right before the sun rose As we caught our breath and the sickness subsided the sun came up from the horizon The clouds just above the mountains reflected the orange light into the Cordilleras and was one of the most breathtaking sights of the trip Beams of light hit the mountain range on the opposite side if the valley in a horizontal way All I can say is the top of the 5685m beast was the best thing I've done in my life not only getting to the top but seeing what was around us It was absolutely incredible The return journey was in the sunlight and we had the chance to take some awesome photos some of the highest snowy ridge and others of the glaciers on the way down We met Orlando where we left him along with another girl who was happy to have gotten there It was 4 hours up and only 1 down I'm glad we did it in the dark because the hills we went up would not have been as doable if we saw what was ahead first One of the major advantages of going in the dark Back at the camp we packed up saw the 2 English girls who instead of submitting the mountain had been ice climbing and loved it we all started to make our way back down to the pick up point The way down was slippy and took many a man along the way Almost everyone fell at one point or another and luckily no one got hurt We'd have been better in the crampons on the mud At the bottom we were met by a couple of taxi drivers and next thing we were on our way back to the town of Huaraz We were back by 2 and ready again for a shower and a rest We handed the things back into agency and got offered a Pisco sour later that evening an offer we happily took up That afternoon we rested and later that night we went for our Pisco sour with Orlando and Mila the shop owner Once we left there it was tea time and for the second time we had our fill on a few pizzas and beer Two days I'll never forget Whilst we were Pisco souring away we booked onto a trip for the next day horseback riding in the Cordillera Negras It was easy getting to sleep that night and the next morning we woke early ready to go and ride a horse Laura had ridden before on the trip and I hadn't ridden since I was about 11 on Mums horse When we got to the shop we met a Peruvian woman who to be honest couldn't have been less enthusiastic We thought she was going to help us get to the start point of the trek but we later found out after the bus ride that she was our guide She spoke no English and didn't even attempt to talk to us in Spanish which by now we are at that bad at The only thing she asked was our names the rest of the trip she was silent We saddled up onto our horses and she lead the way For two hours we made our way up through small villages to the turning point The ride itself was stunning and it was great to see some of the very small rural villages and their way of life Completely different to town life Everything was much more traditional and a lot more laid back On every doorstep was the corn drying out in the sun and in every field were cows and sheep all tied up by the leg The Peruvians don't seem to believe in fences and instead tie the animals on a long piece of rope giving them a circle of grass each to graze Different to back home and I'm sure animal welfare doesn't exist here The horses were on auto pilot We couldn't make them move any faster or change direction easily Where ever the guide went they went and it was like that for the entire 3 1/2 hours It was probably for the best as I had no idea what I was doing and if I had a horse that needed controlling I'd have been going in circles for hours The whole trek was at a steady pace which allowed us to look out over the Cordillera Blancas and the small villages Once we were back where we started we dismounted and awaited a Collectivo to take us back towards town It doesn't take long until a Collectivo passes by and within 2 minutes of waiting one had showed up There was at least 20 people inside this one and getting a seat wasn't promising Lucky for us we were only on for 10 minutes We were going to Monterrey for the thermal baths We'd seen some photos and read a couple of reviews about them; they seemed like they were good online Our guide had stuck with us and escorted us to the baths for a second I thought she was coming in with us Luckily though she didn't and had taken this opportunity to try and get a tip out of us If she thinks though she can get a tip from walking us to a bath and not speaking to us for 4 hours she had another thing coming It seemed to be the way though here when the trip is coming to an end no matter how terrible it may have been they out in a shed load more effort in order to try and change people's perception of them and get a good bit of extra cash We didn't fall for it Anyway back to the baths As we went in we saw the bath approaching a mud brown colour and supposedly ram packed with minerals The water at first was warm but after ten minutes gave you the feeling of being in a bath for a good hour to the extent the water is a luke warm 20 minutes later and the novelty wore off we made our sandwiches by the poolside and then grabbed a van back to Huaraz We had a better idea of how to spend the afternoon...chess It was our penultimate day in Huaraz and there was one thing that we really wanted to do; get up to the lake 69 Our first efforts had been a failure due to the light and tiredness so this time failure was not an option As the dogs started to bark we were awake the alarm was going off at the jolly old time of 5am Breakfast was at half past and by 6am we were on the bus ready and waiting to set off to the lake again The 3 hour ride few by as we spent the vast majority of it asleep We'd gone through the border control had a stop at the Llanganuco lakes and eventually arrived at the start point of Cebolla Pampa Round 2 lets go There was absolutely no rush on this walk we had to be back by 3pm each gave us 6 hours to walk 12km By 12pm we had made it to the lake quickly skating past all the scenery we had seen on the trip before Fr us it was all about getting to the lake As we slowly crept over the lip of the hill an electric blue splodge grew bigger at the upper end of the river it was the lake we had heard so much about We knew it was going to be blue but this was a blue like we've never before seen It looked like someone had gone mad on photoshop going way past sky blue to an indescribable blue It sat right at the bottom of the mountains to the extent that it was almost impossible to get both lake and mountain top in one photo We were one of the first ones to the top along with an Israeli guy and two chaps from France The French as we arrived were stripping down to their boxers ready for a dip in the lake 10 seconds later and they had dived in A second later and they came back up screaming and shouting I wasn't going to be beaten by the French So within a matter of minutes I'd got my trousers and t shirt off and then thought I'd take it just slightly further to the level of skinny dipping It was well untruly the coldest water I've ever been in and as the French did I did coming out screaming It was well worth it and took a trip to the top of a hill to warm me back up again We soaked up the view for an hour or two and then set off back down the hill to get to the Collectivo for 3pm It was 100% worth the second trip to the top It was a perfect way to finish off our time in Huaraz The next day we dedicated to a bit of rest doing nothing more than a spot of shopping for souvenirs eating cake drinking coffee and watching a film or two We had a surprise later that night too we got a message from Rich the guy who we'd been in the jungle for a week with saying that he was in Huaraz We ended up spending the rest of the night with him in the cafe giving him the low down on the mountain range and things to do and not to It was an awesome way to spend the last night By 10pm we were at the Cruz del Sur bus station and ready for a short overnight ride into Lima In the sweltering heat of the bus we barely got a wink of sleep and at 530 in the morning we pulled into Lima We found ourselves a hostel in the popular Miraflores a place to leave our stuff have a shower and rest a little and then set off for the day walking around the district Lima still hadn't grown on us and we were more than glad to only spend a day there 3pm soon came around and we were in a taxi and on our way to the airport Time to fly back home on a 12 hour flight with no inflight entertainment what an anti climax No matter how crap the flight is though neither if us can wait to get back off the trip of a lifetime one that we will never forget and one where we met some absolutely incredible people Next stop... Atlanta,the original adidas, a family trip to Niagara, We drove over 30, Hopefully it would give us an opportunity to observe local life in a unique way.
   I really look forward to connecting to other like-minded adventurers to be inspired for my own adventures,latest football boots. She liked the Galapagos,adidas shoes sale price.
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